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Brand: Miscellaneous Model: PUT01
This pencils are the perfect tool to pick up rhinestone. The wax tip makes it very easy to grab any size stones for easy placement. To use, sharpen the Pick Up Pencil tool, just like you do with a normal pencil and tap lightly on the rhinestone to pick up, and place it anywhere you wish...
RM 1.50
Brand: Miscellaneous Model: AWL14
This awl is made from Stainless Steel with Plastic handle. Use to free up hotfix rhinestone if it get stuck on Hotfix Applicator. The length of this awl is 14cm...
RM 2.00
Brand: Miscellaneous Model: VW23
This product is made from stainless steel and it is perfect vinyl or rhinestone template weeding tool. It has a sharp point that easily weeds vinyl/rhinestone template at lightning speed. The length of this item is 145mm..
RM 20.00
Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer for Hotfix Crystals 150mm
Out Of Stock
Brand: Miscellaneous Model: TW150
This tweezer is made from Stainless Steel with suitable tip size & slanting 22.5 degree. It make this tweezer perfectly suitable for picking up hotfix crystals & use by professional. The dimension of this tweezer is 150mm x 9mm x 1.5mm (length x width x thickness)..
RM 5.00
Brand: Miscellaneous Model: TST7
This triangle sorting tray is made from white colored plastic. It is perfectly fine to store hotfix crystals temporarily while working with your crystal project. You can use it to scoop, pour, and sort hotfix crystals too. The circumference of this sorting tray is approximately 7cm x 7cm x 7cm &a..
RM 1.00
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