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ZF9700 Rhinestone Design Font

ZF9700 Rhinestone Design Font
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ZF9700 Rhinestone Design Font

Note:- This product is only for preview for those who like to make custom design by using rhinestone font with us.

You may select ZF9700 rhinestone design font to make custom rhinestone design with us. The custome design could be your name, your company name or anything you couls ever imagine, we may make the template for you. You may use Swarovski, Preciosa and any other brands of Hotfix Crystals.

The template designed to use either SS6 (~2mm), SS6 (~2.5mm) & SS10 (~3mm) hotfix crystals. The maximum font height will be different for a different hotfix crystals size, and the height is tabulated in the table below. If you need a template for a different hotfix crystal size, we can do it for you, just contact us.

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Estimate Hotfix Font Height
SS6 4.7cm
SS8 5.5cm
SS10 6.3cm
Hotfix Font Height Range (Product Filtering Purpose)
SS6 Font Height 4.0cm to 6.0cm
SS8 Font Height 4.0cm to 6.0cm
SS10 Font Height 6.0cm and above
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